05 December 2008

Picture of Six Cats

You counted them.


Anonymous said...

what is "picture" what is "of" what is "six" what is "cat"? You see? your use of language here is imprecise. please correct and resubmit. i posit the following remedy:

"Displayed below is a depiction, image, photograph, artistic rendering, or representation (herein after referred to as "image") that may or may not represent, according to the commonly held definition of "represent" used in image dissemination processes on the internet, a number of objects that a reasonable person may or may not determine to be "cats." Here, the definition of cats is used loosely to [insert something clear here]. Note the number of distinguishable items that fit within the above stated criteria appearing in the above stated format ("image") displayed below. Note, if you are reading this statement in print media or any other form not disseminated on the internet, the above related statement may not be relevant to the image you may be requested to view. Note additionally, this statement does not impose an affirmative duty, but merely serves as a title describing the below represented image."

Anonymous said...

oh you might also want to indicate how the fact that you are displaying this image does not suggest that you own it, have created it, or are entitled to any use of it. although you might be fucked there since you already displayed this image. good luck in court, asshole.

Philip Brightmore said...

There are seven cats in the photograph.