25 January 2009

CRAIGSLIST: Gay-Themed Artwork

Gay-Themed Artwork (SoHo)
Reply to: XXXXXXXXXXXXX [?]Date: 2009-01-11, 6:17PM EST

Seeking gay-themed artwork for feature in new magazine.



I'd like to offer you some photos of one of my paintings for your magazine. I am a de-conceptual artist and performance artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. My art tends toward the controversial. While I am gay, I have come under verbal attack in the past due to the ironic stance against heterosexual/homosexual unity present in some of my art.

To give you an idea why there has been controversy: this piece is entitled "Fag Country" (oil on canvas, 2008, 30x40 inches). It depicts two muscular, barbaric men fighting with swords in a bleak landscape, against an otherworldly green sky. After painting "Fag Country", I left the canvas outside in the rain for two days to allow optical decay to enter into the piece as a dynamic element.

Needless to say, no one stole the piece, believing that it was trash.Attached are a few photographs. Let me know if you need anything else from me. I'd be excited to get involved with your publication.