12 January 2009


Due to popular demand, I'm going to begin posting responses I send to CraigsList ads.


Creative bloggers wanted! (stay at home)
Reply to: XXXXXXXXXXXXX [?]Date: 2009-01-11, 5:31PM EST

Hi there, I'm Michael, co-founder of a new social networking website (for both pet and non-pet owners) called PawPlace.com. We are adding a featured bloggiong section, where we want one person responsible for an exclusive area. As of now, we have nutrition, fitness, and training covered...we would like to find people to blog about CURRENT EVENTS/CELEBRITY NEWS, TECHNOLOGY/GAMING, AND VETINARY MEDICINE. If you are interested in contributing in another area, please let me know. We are based out of Chicago, but since this is strictly online, your location is irrelevant. Serious inquires only please.



I'm writing in response to the ad you posted for a blog about pets. I would love to contribute, and I have a wonderful idea for a blog that I'm fairly certain hasn't been used yet by any other pet website.

The blog I'm pitching is called "Pet Fear", and it will be a guide toward getting over your fear of animals. Since I was eight, I've been deathly afraid of cats and small dogs, due to an incident involving a neighbor's cat that ended with myself losing a fingernail. I know, it seems goofy, but since then, I've struggled to appreciate the cats and dogs of my friends and family. I have plenty of stories to offer up in posts, and what I learned from those events would be helpful for other people getting over their fear of animals. More than anything else, I want to help people.

I know this doesn't fit with the blogs you were thinking about (celebrity news, technology/gaming, veterinary medicine), but if you think this sounds like a great idea, I'd love to get started. I understand that there is no pay right now, but I would be happy to make frequent posts. Let me know if you think this would work! I'd love to get involved.