29 January 2009

An Open Letter To Barack Obama

Dear Barack Obama,

Before I get started with my open letter, let me just say that I'm incredibly happy with how things are turning out with your presidency and everything. I think the American people definitely chose the right guy for the job. I'm excited about all the stuff you're doing about the economy too.

However, and I mean this with all due respect sir, I have some questions for you. If you would answer them, it would really make my day. (To other readers--if you know Mr. Obama personally, please let me know. I could print out a copy and you could bring it to him, no problem. I used to be out of ink for my printer but I found a new ink cartridge in the original printer box).


1. Not sure exactly what you're pointing at in the above photograph. Maybe you're just pointing in response to applause. Either way, let me know.

2. I've always used Internet Explorer, but I heard from a few people (mostly people that work in IT) that Firefox is better. So I downloaded and installed Firefox, but the font in Google search is different than in my Internet Explorer Google search. Is there a way that I can change the default web font to make it look like the one I'm used to? This has really been bothering me.

3. I have a circulatory problem called Raynaud's disease. I don't know if you've heard of it. Every once in awhile, usually when it's cold out, one of my fingers will get very cold while the others stay relatively warm. I usually try to shake the blood down into my finger when it happens. Do you think that's alright?

4. I usually only wear my shirts once before I wash them, but I wear my pants maybe four days at a time. I don't think they smell or anything, but I'm worried that people will notice I'm wearing the same pants as the day before. Should I try to draw attention away from the pants, or do you think people won't mind?

5. I have an interview tomorrow as a transcriber with a media company. I have to take a typing test tomorrow, but I haven't had a lot of experience typing over the last few weeks, and I'm worried that I won't be able to live up to the 80 WPM that I promised the company. Do you know of any methods for improving typing speed, besides the usual typing tutorials online? This question is time-sensitive, so I guess you don't have to worry about it after tomorrow.

6. The deodorant I use is Arm & Hammer "Ultra Max" unscented. The stick says that it works for 36 hours, but I feel uncomfortable not putting on deodorant in the morning. Does it even make sense to wait until midday to put on more deodorant? Or should I just not worry about it? Occasionally it cakes a little bit, but I try to scrape any extra off when I'm in the shower. The problem is that deodorant is really hard to get off your fingers, since it's water-resistant, and then I worry about putting my contacts in when I might still have deodorant on my fingers. This one is tricky.

7. I have a band, and I usually burn CDs to give to bars or clubs that we want to play at. The problem is that I don't have a lot of CD cases. I've been cannibalizing the jewel cases I have for CD's I bought, but it makes me feel uncomfortable, because I know at some point I'm going to run out or have to move, and it's going to make things tough. You're probably thinking: "Just buy more CD cases," but I was wondering if you had any ideas that would be cheaper than that.

8. I don't get very good cell phone reception in my room, so when I get a call I usually have to go by the window in the bathroom to answer it. Not very convenient. Sometimes I can get reception in my room if I stand in the right spot, though. I was wondering if you think I'd get better reception with a different cell carrier. I have AT&T now, but I could switch to Sprint or Verizon without too much trouble. Maybe the problem is just in the building construction, and there's nothing I can really do.

9. I used to put on my shoes without untying them, by slipping my thumb in the back to keep the back of the shoe from folding down. But now that winter's here, the side of my thumb has been getting a little chapped from doing that. Needless to say, I've been untying my shoes lately before putting them on, and it's easier on my thumb. What do you think about using a hand lotion to heal my thumb skin a little? Does it really heal the skin, or is it mostly a moisturizer? What's the difference?

10. I love to drink juice, but most of what I find in the store just has 100% of the Vitamin C you need. I'm wondering about the other vitamins. Dole makes a Fruit Punch that has 100% of both Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and I've been getting that. But the B vitamins are usually pretty underrepresented. I'm trying to balance my normal juice purchases out with "Vitamin B Superfood" from that one juice company. What's the name of that juice company again? I'm thinking that if I buy more than one of them online at a time, it would be cheaper than buying one at a time. But I can't remember the name of it or find their website.

Once again, Mr. Obama, thank you so much for being such a great president. If you could get me these answers, I would be fully behind you as president. It would be really awesome to know that you're there for me and the other American people.

Respectfully Yours,
Philip Brightmore
Champion Dog Breeder