07 February 2009

Happy Waitangi Day (NZL)

You should know that I don't take holidays very fucking lightly. When it's time to celebrate, it's time to motherfucking celebrate. Is it MLK Jr. Day? Then let's get trashed and buy some heroin so we can shoot up the neighbor's dog! What's that? Presidents Day is around the corner? I know a liquor store that will sell us tattoo kits!

When the normal, average beer-drinking Joe comes across a holiday that he doesn't understand, such as Waitangi Day (NZL), his reaction is usually to ignore it, then wake his wife up so he can slap her around a little before making her clean up the vomit in his car.

But not me. On Waitangi Day, I celebrate the only way I know how. By photoshopping animal heads onto famous landmarks. Hell, it's my day, and I'm going to fucking celebrate whatever way I damn well please.

Mr. Kitty is on the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Why is it leaning? Probably because Mr. Kitty has a fat fucking head.
Sydney Opera Horse.
This ended up looking like a giraffe standing in front of the Hollywood sign, which was against my Waitangi Day wishes. I have failed you, Eerie Spirit of Waitangi Day. Slash my Waitangi Day wrists with your ghost blades!!!
This is basically how it looks anyway.

I can't exactly put my finger on why this is so offensive. But it is.