24 March 2009

Found Art

This is my first time on this site, and just from reading what you and others have written, I find the idea of a writer’s assistant very appealing. I have been trying to write books for years, but other than that, I have had no idea whatsoever about how I could get my foot in the door. This looks to be a great way to become an author, which has always been my greatest dream. Although I am currently in the military, I don’t think of myself as a “military” person. I want to write books, and weave stories from of my strange and dark imagination. I want people to read my books and do what they will with the stories, whether they love or hate them. I am now living in Clovis, New Mexico, the armpit of the U.S. and, surprisingly have had a series of ideas for a great story. The trouble is, I don’t have the time I need to write when I feel the urge to! So, one thing I would like to know: Wht would be the background I might need to impress a writer enough to hire me as an assistant? And, one more thing: Is there anyone in particular who needs an assistant and would give me a shot to impress them? My E-mail, if it doesn’t already show up is XXXXXX119@aol.com. I would love a chance to be a writer’s assistant!