30 April 2009

Look At This Fucking Blog!!!!!11??


Scroll to the bottom. This blog is racist.

Philip Brightmore

26 April 2009

Introducing...Sister Blog!

After a long time without a sister blog, "Taste Your Maker" (henceforth LESSEE) now has a rigamarole of a sister blog! Believe it!


If you've never heard of Bird Snatching, now's the best time to hear about Bird Snatching, because you will never be presented with a second opportunity.

25 April 2009

Live Blogging Today

Check out our new Live Blog of the NFL Draft!!


22 April 2009

It's been a great ride

It's sort of ironic that I would be shutting down the blog after doing all those stupid "I'm shutting down the blog" jokes. Maybe the best way to end this thing is by just never posting again, but I've come to a place in my life where I just don't have the time to keep up with everything. So, the long and short of it is, I won't be posting anymore.

The whole joke of this blog had sort of become "It's funny because it's not funny. It's so not funny that I'm entertained by it." At least that was what I was going for. But you can only take that schtick so far before it loses momentum, and with my new job and the screenplay I'm trying to write, it's really become sort of an uphill battle.

Needless to say, I'll still be keeping in touch with all of you in my normal everyday life. Feel free to shoot me an email at tasteyourmaker@gmail.com whenever you want to talk. But consider TYM (and its affiliate blogs) archival sites.

Thanks everyone! I really do love and appreciate your support.


Ingmar Bergman??!!! lololol

It's time for a joke!

11 April 2009

Celebrating 2 Years Of Web Racism

?tion: how fast does it goe Thanks for joining u, ladies and gentlemen. Throughout the history of the website and the internet, many things have been said, or pointed at. Is it ? What kinds of things have you done on the website? I can nearly guarantee this website is more elaborate and the best than any of website.

I've been webmaster here at Tasty Maker for two years now, and things aren't getting any more. That's why


I think we all meet challenges in our lives, whether or not we want to admit it. And with challenge in mind, it's time to set out and meet new challenges. What kinds of challenges, you ask? All kinds of challenges. My challenges that I've challenged myself about were to figure out if I was a racist, and it turns out that I am a racist. For example, the blacks. So I am shutting down my racist site. You can find me on the web at http://tasteyourmaker2.blogspot.com

answer: 7 mphour

10 April 2009

New School Protest/Break-in

I'm thinking that cop punched that kid for no reason. I'm thinking that kid should sue the fuck out of the NYPD.

I'm also thinking all of the protesters are quad-tarded.

06 April 2009

I Got Dreams


Dream Wrists. My dream wrists are so strong I can carry heavy boxes and hurl javelins and hurl heavy boxes at my javelin buddies. Javelin Buddy: "Hey, what the hell Phil. What in the hell." Me: "Sorry, Lamil, I had to express my dream wrists. So sloppy."

#2 dream
Fantastic spiders teach me to stop being so hard on myself. Spider: "Draw your weapons." Me: "What in the hell spiders." Spider: "You're being two hard on yourself Phil. I gotta get some serious miracle spray. It's not what you'd expect."

Mountain Climbing In Northern Spain. "Sorry sir, all our mountains are taken. It's the balmy weather and the Spanish." Me: "I don't see any fucking blue daisies, you asshole. You promised me all the daisies in all the colors. Draw your weapons." Spain: "Not Like You'd Know, German Fuck." Me: "Draw your weapons."

$4444 dream
Mentality? I miracle doves insatiablillililil. Has you ever drawn your weapons?

Unmistakable. It's the best one of all. Stop bothering me. God: "Philly, it's me, God." Me: "God, it's me, Philip Brightmore. I know we haven't talked a lot in the past, but...BLAM." And that's when I punch him right in his armpit and make off with the doves.

05 April 2009

Mickey Tomatopaste Wallpaper

Get one now while it lasts!

New Job

I got a new job. These are new terms you should memorize:

Butt Sadness/Butt Grief
This is anything to do with the butt that is uncomfortable or causes your shame meter to increase.

Butt Smiles
This is anything to do with the butt that is comfortable or causes your smiles meter to increase.

Mudd Jellies
This is a street term for a new, really hard drug. Instead of making you more addicted the more you use it, it makes you less addicted, until eventually you're scared and run away whenever your buddies bust out their Mudd Jellies for an afternoon of hard drug use and watching Hook on TBS. Would you believe it!

This is paper made out of grouper skin.

Mickey Tomatopaste
A weird friend of your uncle's that tries to put his fingers in your mouth, then gets arrested at a Hardee's a couple weeks later for grand larceny.