06 April 2009

I Got Dreams


Dream Wrists. My dream wrists are so strong I can carry heavy boxes and hurl javelins and hurl heavy boxes at my javelin buddies. Javelin Buddy: "Hey, what the hell Phil. What in the hell." Me: "Sorry, Lamil, I had to express my dream wrists. So sloppy."

#2 dream
Fantastic spiders teach me to stop being so hard on myself. Spider: "Draw your weapons." Me: "What in the hell spiders." Spider: "You're being two hard on yourself Phil. I gotta get some serious miracle spray. It's not what you'd expect."

Mountain Climbing In Northern Spain. "Sorry sir, all our mountains are taken. It's the balmy weather and the Spanish." Me: "I don't see any fucking blue daisies, you asshole. You promised me all the daisies in all the colors. Draw your weapons." Spain: "Not Like You'd Know, German Fuck." Me: "Draw your weapons."

$4444 dream
Mentality? I miracle doves insatiablillililil. Has you ever drawn your weapons?

Unmistakable. It's the best one of all. Stop bothering me. God: "Philly, it's me, God." Me: "God, it's me, Philip Brightmore. I know we haven't talked a lot in the past, but...BLAM." And that's when I punch him right in his armpit and make off with the doves.